High Pressure Waterjetting

High Pressure Waterjetting ServicesWith High Pressure Waterjetting equipment capable of pressures of 40,000 psi or flow rates in excess of 100 gpm, we are able to provide you with the equipment and trained personnel to complete your high pressure cleaning tasks safely and efficiently.

All of our High Pressure Pumps are maintained and equipped in accordance with strict compliance to manufacture’s and industry association standards. All personnel are trained in the use of the equipment and Safe Work Procedures to be utilized on every cleaning task.

Applications for this service include:

  • Heat Exchanger and Evaporator Cleaning
  • Liquor Heater CleaningPumper truck for high pressure waterjetting
  • Process Line Cleaning
  • Tank and Vessel Cleaning
  • Digester Cleaning
  • Equipment Cleaning
  • Paint Preparation and Removal of Coatings/Linings
  • Bridge Deck Surface Preparation