Professional Industrial Cleaning Services

When you require comprehensive and professional Industrial Cleaning Services for your facility, we’ll be there to meet your demands, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With offices located throughout British Columbia we are well positioned to provide timely and cost-effective service at your site.

Our commitment to providing the highest level of client service has established us as the Industrial Cleaning Contractor of choice in Western Canada.Hydro Mechanical
Hydro Mechanical - Industrial Cleaning Services
  • High Pressure Waterjetting

    High Pressure Waterjetting equipment capable of pressures of 40,000 psi or flow rates in excess of 100 gpm Read More

  • Automated Cleaning

    Cost effective options for cleaning of your process equipment Read More

  • Vacuum Truck Services

    Tandem and tridem axle truck mounted vacuum units capable of providing both wet and dry service Read More

  • Chemical Cleaning

    Cost-effective cleaning to vessels and equipment that require process optimization through the use of chemical additives Read More

  • Surface Preparation

    Sandblasting, Sodablasting, Ultrahigh Pressure Blasting.Each methodology provides its own advantages Read More

  • Hydrodemolition

    Concrete can be blasted away leaving a clean and sound substrate for resurfacing. Read More

  • Process Piping Inspection

    Hydro Mechanical offers Piping System Inspection Equipment to confirm where the blockage is and that the line is clear when we’re done cleaning Read More

  • Industrial Support

    We assist our clients in ensuring the efficient and cost-effective completion of any project Read More